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In an ideal world, you wouldn’t be here on our website reading this. Your website would already be an automated sales machine drowning you in ready to buy leads. Alas, digital marketing is a tough, competitive and at times overwhelming endeavor. And so here you are, probably frustrated, yet hopeful and believing in your websites potential wondering if we here at Entelech are the agency that can turn your businesses potential into digital supremacy. We are supremely confident when we say – you can rely on us as over 200 other Australian businesses currently do.

How We Can Help You

We are not here to merely help you with a generic one size fits all digital campaign. We are here to enable you to grow exponentially and thrive in your market by partnering together on a custom-built, full-scale digital marketing strategy. It has always been our passion and vision to partner with businesses just like yours and provide genuine ROI driven marketing campaigns backed by an industry benchmark standard commitment to customer service and care. The results we achieved have even turned businesses on the brink of insolvency into businesses with a lion share of their market.

Result Orientated

We greatly value the lifetime value of our clients to our business and strive to always exemplify a level of service that enables us to turn clients into advocates and we hold a 97% client retention rate at the first campaign renewal stage.


We’ve served over 200 clients ranging from small local business to huge multinationals across dozens of industries and niches. Our expertise and skill set can be applied to a business of any size or industry.


Our experience is extensive and we have managed over $20 million in ad budget for our clients including large scale eCommerce Facebook campaigns to local search marketing campaigns for blue collars.


Client Retention


Avg Campaign ROI

Clients Served

Specialist Staff

Well, you might start with our name Entelech which encapsulates our core beliefs and values as an organisation. You see Entelech (Entelechy) is defined as ‘The realisation of potential ’. And that is what drives us here at Entelech as individuals and as a company – helping our clients to achieve their business’ potential. You grow, we grow – simple.

You might continue with the fact that, unlike other agencies who promise you the world and charge you thousands of $$$ per month for an all eggs in one basket approach to marketing, Entelech internalizes your goals when you become a client and sets a laser focus on helping your business grow by building the marketing structure around your products and/or services they need.

We go above and beyond to truly understand your products and services and what pain points they solve for your target market. We build you a marketing system comprised of digital assets utilising multiple channels for lower pricing than what our competitors will charge you for a single method of marketing such as to SEO your website or to manage your Facebook Ads.

So if your leads and sales are languishing behind your competitors or where you need them to be it is my sincere promise to you that if you so choose to partner with my team and I, we will endeavor with our utmost energy, effort and skill set to help your business fulfill its online potential and become a market leading, lead generation machine for you.

No hard sell, no broken promises and no bull. A flood of leads won’t come in overnight or even within days. But my team and I will put the necessary blood, sweat and effort into your marketing to build you a proven, sustainable lead generation and closing system that will serve you for the longevity of your business.

We Care: We don’t limit our time dedicated to you based on your budget. If your campaign needs additional love and care beyond what we are budgeted for – the extra work is on the house. It’s our responsibility to make sure the campaign is working to your expectations.

​We Understand: No lock in contracts. If for any reason you are not happy with your campaign we will work for free for 60 days to rectify your concerns. If you are still not happy, we will mutually agree to end our contract of work. No ifs or buts.

​We’re Affordable: Start small and scale on results. Other agencies expect you to pay big bucks out of the gate and wait patiently for results to even hit break let alone produce ROI. However the emphasis is on us to produce results and for your budget and commitment to scale up with our level of results.

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Get your copy of our eBook that will enable you, within a 1 hour read, have a much vaster understanding and overall appreciation for the next level marketing techniques you need to start implementing for your business if you want a lion share of your marker within the next year.

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You Grow, We Grow

We’ve grown from a 2 man operation to a 40+ strong team because our clients experience growth by partnering with us. We thrive on the back of achieving outstanding results for our clients thus it’s in our super best interest to go above and beyond in achieving you the growth that will support more and more investment in your marketing with us.


We're The Right Partner

We’ve worked with sole traders, medium sized firms, e-commerce stores and even fortune 500 companies. And all across dozens of industries. We know what methods and content works best for which industries and are able to quickly develop ideal buyer personas and target audiences thanks to our wealth of experience. 


Service Synergy

The truth is just one of our services is capable of doubling your leads so imagine the results possible when combining multiple services to create a multi faceted sales funnel. Our services all synergise with each other to supercharge the potential results and maximise the ROI achieved.


No Bull, Just Results

We pride ourselves on having a rather blunt approach in explaining what our services are likely to achieve for you and why you should use them. No cliche sales lines or promises, just genuine straight talking expert advice about how we believe we can make a huge difference to your bottom line and how much you need to invest to achieve it. 


Your Own Marketing Team

By partnering with us you and your campaign have made available to you a team of true digital marketing superstars comprised of web developers and programmers, copywriters, paid ad specialists, SEO experts, graphic and media designers and plenty more! This all at a fraction of the price it would cost you to source these positions individually or hire them internally.


We Make It Simple

It’s one thing to implement work and achieve results. It’s another to communicate and visualize those results in a way a client can clearly and quickly analyze and understand. We use leading edge technology and reporting tools such as dashboards, programmatic tracking and call monitoring to ensure that you understand the value and results of your campaign.

“I could not recommend the team at Entelech highly enough. We’ve just completed our first quarter campaign review and i’ve already received a near 600% return on investment. We’ve had a huge influx in sales and i am overwhelmed with the effort from their team so far”

Tom Humphreys

Director, Oxford Vitality

Entelech are one of Asia Pacific's leading digital marketing agencies with offices in Sydney and Bangkok. We have over 40 staff servicing the campaigns of 200+ global clients.

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