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Falzon Legal, a Parramatta-based law firm specialising in family law and wills & estates, sought to enhance their digital visibility. Previously unranked in the first ten pages for any relevant keywords, they aimed to ramp up their online enquiries.


As Falzon Legal had not previously invested in online marketing, they were not receiving any website enquiries. Whilst Falzon Legal has built a reasonably size Law Firm based on reputation and word of mouth, Paul wanted to take his firm to new heights and generate a new revenue stream. Some local Parramatta Lawyers had already taken the opportunity to generate business from their websites and it was displeasing that competition was already in front of the 8-ball with their online marketing and SEO.


With a reasonably sized law firm already established, Paul Falzon's ambition to generate a new revenue stream through their website was both timely and strategic. The firm's strong domain authority, although underutilised, was a significant asset. Entelech identified the untapped potential of onsite SEO as a key area to leverage. By harnessing this existing domain strength and implementing comprehensive onsite SEO strategies, there was a clear opportunity for Falzon Legal to experience a rapid surge in search rankings, thus positioning themselves advantageously against local competitors in Parramatta who were already benefiting from their online presence.


The primary challenge for Falzon Legal was breaking into the online marketing space, a domain they had previously not ventured into. The task was not just about establishing an online presence but doing so in a highly competitive legal industry where competitors in Parramatta had already gained a significant head start with their digital strategies. Despite having a strong domain authority, Falzon Legal had overlooked the critical aspect of onsite SEO, which meant that they were missing out on potential online enquiries and client engagement. Transforming this untapped potential into tangible results required a strategic overhaul of their digital presence, particularly in improving their website's SEO to make it more visible and appealing to potential clients searching for legal services online.


Entelech's strategy for Falzon Legal was centered around harnessing their existing strengths and transforming their online presence. Recognising the firm's strong domain authority as a crucial asset, our approach focused on comprehensive onsite SEO enhancements. We conducted an in-depth analysis of their website to identify key areas for improvement, including content optimization, keyword targeting, and technical SEO elements. By refining these aspects, our goal was to significantly boost Falzon Legal's search engine rankings, making them more visible and accessible to potential clients in Parramatta and beyond. Additionally, we developed a plan to create engaging, informative content that not only resonated with their target audience but also showcased Falzon Legal's expertise and reputation. Through these targeted efforts, Entelech aimed to position Falzon Legal at the forefront of online searches for legal services, effectively opening up a new, lucrative revenue stream and allowing them to compete more effectively with their digitally savvy local competitors.


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Achieved 1st Page Rankings for Competitive Keywords in Just Two Months
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Page Speed Score Increased by 75 Points
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15 Ultra Competitive Keywords on Page 1 in Six Months
Achieving an additional 10 Legal Enquiries per Month in Six Months
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“Entelech have offered my firm an honest and trustworthy business partnership. Everything they have set out to achieve has been under promised and over-delivered. They’ve taken my online presence from literally nowhere to a point where I’m generating some fantastic results and business. Well done Team.”

Paul Falzon

Owner Falzon Legal

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