Successful eCom launch with $8 Cost Per Sale Achieved

Gluten Free Joy Case Study

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Initially a blog site for gluten-free foods, Gluten Free Joy added a spin to their business by launching a new Shopify website specifically for Gluten Free Hampers. With the new launch, they engaged Entelech’s services to jump-start and generate orders through a strategic paid media plan.


Following the website launch, Gluten Free Joy aimed at generating at least 50 sales per month at a cost per click under $10.00 per sale. Their goal was to achieve this within three months.


The three-month timeframe to achieve this goal underscored the urgency and potential for rapid growth. This venture into e-commerce represented a significant chance not just to diversify their revenue streams but also to establish the Shopify site as a go-to destination for gluten-free products, capitalising on the existing brand recognition from their blog.


The challenge for Gluten Free Joy lay in quickly establishing their newly-launched Shopify site in a crowded online marketplace. While their blog had an established following, translating this into sales on a different platform required a strategic approach to digital marketing and e-commerce. Achieving the ambitious target of 50 sales per month within just three months, all while keeping the cost per click under $10.00, demanded a finely-tuned advertising strategy. This meant not only attracting new traffic to the site but also ensuring that the user experience was optimised for conversion, a crucial factor in turning visitors into paying customers.


Entelech developed a targeted strategy to propel Gluten Free Joy towards their goal of 50 monthly sales on their Shopify site within three months. Recognising the brand's existing popularity through their blog, our approach centred on creating a seamless transition for blog readers to the Shopify site. We employed a cost-effective digital advertising campaign, focusing on platforms where their target audience was most active, to drive traffic at a cost per click under $10.00. Our team also worked on optimizing the Shopify site for conversions, enhancing the user interface, and streamlining the shopping process to ensure a smooth customer journey. By combining our expertise in digital marketing with an in-depth understanding of Gluten Free Joy's audience and product offerings, we aimed to not only meet the sales target but also establish a strong foundation for sustained e-commerce success.


Google Search Campaign

Google Shopping Campaign


Cost per sale decreased by $10 in Month 1
Achieved 50+ sales within 4 Months
0 +
Cost per sale honed beyond target to to $8 in Month 5
$ 0
Remarkable 800% ROI achieved
0 %


“Entelech have been a delight to work with. Since day one they have provided me results and have always been attentive and carried out their work with true transparency.”

Gluten Free Joy

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