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Jet James Case Study

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Jet James, an award-winning Australian artist, operated a Shopify website and a physical art gallery in Yeppoon. With low online sales, he approached Entelech to equalise his online sales with his walk-in sales of 50 purchases per month.


Jet James aimed to amplify his online sales from his Shopify store to match his walk-in gallery sales, with an initial target of 50 monthly sales and a long-term goal of 100 monthly sales.


The initial target of 50 monthly online sales, with a vision to double this figure in the long term, represented a significant opportunity to expand his customer base beyond the physical confines of his gallery. The allure of his art products, combined with a strategic Facebook ad campaign, laid the groundwork for not only meeting but potentially exceeding these sales targets.


The primary challenge for Jet James was to bridge the gap between the success of his physical gallery and his online store. Achieving 50 monthly sales initially, and subsequently increasing this to 100, required a deep understanding of the online art market and the behaviour of digital consumers. Furthermore, elevating the website's conversion rate from below 0.5% to over 1% was a significant hurdle, necessitating improvements in user experience, website design, and online marketing strategies. This challenge was compounded by the need to create a cohesive brand experience that resonated equally with online customers as it did with those visiting his physical gallery.


Entelech crafted a comprehensive strategy to elevate Jet James' online sales to match those of his walk-in gallery. Recognising the unique appeal of his art, we focused on a well-planned Facebook ad campaign to initially hit the target of 50 monthly sales, with an eye towards scaling up to 100. Our approach involved meticulously analysing customer data to craft targeted ads that resonated with his audience, thereby driving traffic to his Shopify store. Concurrently, we worked on enhancing the user experience of the website, aiming to boost the conversion rate from less than 0.5% to over 1%. This involved optimising the website's design for ease of navigation, improving the checkout process, and ensuring that the online store reflected the aesthetic and ethos of Jet's physical gallery. Through these targeted efforts, Entelech aimed not only to meet the sales targets but also to establish a robust online presence for Jet James, complementing and enhancing his physical gallery sales.


Google Search Campaign Setup

Instagram Ad Campaign Setup

Google Shopping Campaign Setup

Facebook Ad Campaign Setup

Website Conversion Rate Optimisation

Retargeting Strategy Setup


Achieved Short-Term Goal of 50+ Online Sales Per Month within Three Months
An Increase in $35000 in Monthly Revenue
$ 0 k
Achieved 100+ Monthly Sales at 6 Month Milestone
0 +
Achieved a 40% Increase on the Sites Conversion Rate
0 %


“Entelech have done absolute wonders for my ecommerce website. Before using them I had a website that didn’t even generate enough sales that seemed worth all the effort. They have now turned my online shop into a completely new revenue stream for me and I can’t be anymore thankful for their support. They are experts in the field of e-commerce and I’m grateful by the results they’ve achieved for me.”

Jet James

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