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Leda Machinery

As a leading brand in heavy industry woodworking machinery, Leda Machinery approached Entelech due to stagnation in their digital campaign. Despite three years of investment in digital marketing, they were capped at 40 website conversions per month. Their goal was to double this figure and increase the revenue generated from their website.


Leda Machinery targeted to double the monthly conversions from 40 to 80 via their website and improve conversion rates from enquiries to product sales. They aimed at reducing their Google AdWords cost from $70 to $20 per conversion and install proper tracking for understanding web-conversions’ sources.


Leda Machinery's unrealised potential to dominate Google rankings for its own products indicated a substantial opportunity for growth in search engine visibility, positioning them as a top choice for customers seeking their specific machinery and tools.


The challenge for Leda Machinery was multi-dimensional. Firstly, doubling the website's monthly conversions required a comprehensive approach to digital marketing and website optimization to attract and convert more visitors. Secondly, reducing the cost per conversion in their Google AdWords campaigns from $70 to $20 demanded a more strategic and targeted approach to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Lastly, establishing a dominant position in Google rankings for their products involved overcoming the complexities of SEO and competing against other industry players for top spots in search results. These challenges necessitated a blend of technical expertise, strategic marketing, and a deep understanding of Leda Machinery's unique value proposition and customer base.


To achieve Leda Machinery's ambitious targets, Entelech crafted a holistic digital strategy. We started by revamping their SEO approach to boost their visibility in Google search results, especially for their key products. This involved keyword optimization, content enhancement, and technical SEO adjustments to improve their site's ranking potential. Simultaneously, we undertook a thorough overhaul of their Google AdWords campaigns. By implementing more targeted and refined ad strategies, we aimed to reduce the cost per conversion from $70 to $20, ensuring a better allocation of ad spend and a higher return on investment. Additionally, we set up comprehensive tracking mechanisms on their website to accurately monitor the sources of web conversions. This data-driven approach allowed us to continually refine our strategies based on real performance metrics. Through these concerted efforts, our goal was to not only double Leda Machinery's monthly website conversions but also to solidify their online presence as a leader in their industry.


0 +
A sharp increase of 2000+ organic visitors per month
$ 70
Reduced Cost Per Conversion by 88% from $70 to $8.50
0 %
Increased website conversions by 100%
0 +
Generating over 50 additional website sales per month


“Leda machinery have partnered with Entelech for the past 2 years for our SEO and development of our new Website. Our experience has been 100% positive – they are effective and pro-active and also very good communicators with feedback on what they have done and results achieved. They have the expertise and team to keep our Website performing well and also we have appreciated their input on ideas to further improve the sites effectiveness.”

Brett Moore, Marketing Manager, LEDA Machinery

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