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SaltAir Modular is a multi-award-winning modular home designer and manufacturer based on the Sunshine Coast. They supply high-quality prefabricated homes across Queensland and the east coast. Taking advantage of their excellence and recognition through industry awards, they wanted to seize the opportunities that digital marketing offers and increase their online visibility and home buyer leads.


Saltair Modular approached Entelech with the goal to increase their website traffic and generate high-quality leads across multiple channels. They were averaging 4 sales per month and aimed to more than double this to an ambitious target of 10 sales per month. They wished to leverage digital marketing channels, including SEO and social ad campaigns, and sought a one-stop-shop agency that could manage these needs while maintaining their website.


Saltair Modular's well-earned accolades presented a ripe opportunity for Entelech to boost their lead generation. By harnessing their innovation and other unique selling points, Entelech was confident in achieving their ambitious growth goals workign in collaboration with their motivated team.


The modular home market is increasingly competitive, with customers seeking affordable yet personalized housing solutions. Furthermore, there's a need to overcome certain stigmas and misconceptions about the quality and durability of modular homes, requiring strategic marketing and educational efforts to enhance market acceptance and growth.


Entelech spearheaded a comprehensive digital strategy to revitalize SaltAir Modular's online presence, focusing on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and targeted digital advertising. Our team embarked on an intensive SEO campaign, meticulously optimizing the website's content with relevant keywords, enhancing user experience, and building a robust backlink profile to elevate SaltAir Modular's position in search engine results. Simultaneously, we utilized our expertise in digital advertising to create and execute highly targeted ad campaigns. By identifying and engaging with the most effective platforms for SaltAir Modular's audience, we tailored our ad content based on data-driven insights, ensuring maximum appeal and relevance. This dual approach not only broadened SaltAir Modular's online visibility but also attracted a larger, more engaged audience, leading to a significant uptick in site traffic and conversion rates.


Pagespeed Audit And Fix

Lead Magnet Set-Up And Integration

Google My Business Optimisation

SEO Audit & Sitewide Implementation

Google Adwords Campaign Setup, Inc Keyword Research & Ad Creative

Facebook Retargeting Campaign

Instagram Retargeting Campaign


$3m in monthly sales achieved, an increase of over 200%
$ 0 m
Improved websites conversion rate from 1.3% to 3.6%
1.3 %
Lifted conversions from 60 to 111 per month, an 85% Increase in website Conversions
0 %
Doubled New Home Sales to More Than 10 per Month
0 +


“Entelech are a reliable Digital Marketing Agency. Delivering consistent updates in terms of how our campaign is performing and actions they are taking to increase results. When updates or changes are needed to be made to our website, we know that we can rely on and trust Entelech Digital to pull through.”
Saltair Modular

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