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View Ningaloo

View Ningaloo, is a small family-run business providing unique snorkelling and coral viewing boat tours in Exmouth, WA. When they bought their glass bottom boat and initially setup the new business, they turned to Entelech to assist in generating online tour bookings.


In the crystal-clear waters of Exmouth, View Ningaloo aimed to offer unparalleled experiences for holiday-goers. However, ensuring a steady stream of bookings was paramount. Desiring to fully tap into their potential, their goal was not just to reach, but consistently achieve a full boat across all four daily tours. Recognising the significance of their online online presence, they partnered with Entelech. Their clear objective: to bolster their digital footprint. Through targeted SEO and carefully planned ad campaigns, they aspired to make their tours the first choice for those seeking an unmatched glass bottom boat experience in Exmouth.


to position View Ningaloo's tours not just as an option, but as the premier choice for holiday-goers seeking an unparalleled marine experience in Exmouth. This partnership with Entelech was a strategic move to unlock their full market potential and transform their digital approach into a tangible, sustained increase in bookings.


The primary obstacle was enhancing their online visibility in a saturated market, where numerous competitors vied for the attention of potential customers. Achieving steady, full bookings for all four daily tours required a sophisticated digital strategy that could cut through the noise and highlight the unique appeal of their experiences.


Entelech devised a multifaceted digital strategy. Initially, the focus was on enhancing their website's SEO to ensure that View Ningaloo ranked prominently in search engine results, particularly for keywords related to glass bottom boat tours in Exmouth. This approach aimed to organically attract more visitors to their site. Simultaneously, we launched targeted Google Ad campaigns. These ads were carefully crafted to capture the unique selling points of View Ningaloo's tours, targeting individuals actively searching for holiday experiences in Exmouth. The precision of Google Ads allowed us to effectively reach a relevant audience, increasing the likelihood of conversions. As the campaign gained momentum, we expanded our digital strategy to include Facebook Ads. These were designed to tap into a broader audience, leveraging the platform's extensive user base and sophisticated targeting options. By showcasing enticing visuals and engaging content about the tours, the Facebook Ads aimed to capture the interest of potential customers who might not have been actively searching but were likely to be intrigued by the unique experiences offered by View Ningaloo.


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An increase of $14,000+ per month in bookings revenue
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Total website traffic was increased a remarkable 609%
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16 Highly Competitive Keywords were Ranked at the Top of Google
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An industry leading website conversion rate of 25% was achieved


“Entelech are a Digital Marketing partner you can trust. The team always delivers on what is promised in a timely manner, ensuring it is beyond the standard I desire. Responsiveness is a huge positive trait of the team, as they are always available to answer any questions I have. Being patient with breaking down and explaining things, which I can not thank them enough for. Truly the team are educators and experts in their field.

I always know that I can contact my Client Success Manager if I need anything and they will respond to me without hesitation. The results Entelech has brought to my business through SEO, Google & Facebook Ads has been extraordinary. Every month I see constant increases in my campaigns performance and further in my business. Truly pleased with the decision I made to become a digital marketing partner with Entelech.”

View Ningaloo

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